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Dr Manjunath P Puranik

Professor & Head



Dr Yashoda R

Associate Professor




Dr Namita Shanbhag

Associate Professor



Dr Sowmya K R

Assistant Professor 




Dr Uma S R

Assistant Professor









Dental Public Health is the specialty of dentistry that promotes oral health as well as the prevention and control of dental diseases. It is an area of dentistry concerned with the evaluation of dental health needs and how the practice of dental healthcare meets those needs.

This unique discipline focuses on improving dental and oral health across populations rather than among individuals. Dental public health experts provide leadership and guidance in areas such as population-based dentistry, disease prevention, the promotion of dental health, and the surveillance of oral health.




   Dentistry in Karnataka grew by leaps and bounds post independence and its initiation times with the starting of GDC in 1958. With lot of efforts and hard work the earlier teachers, under the leadership of Dr S Ramachandra, carved meticulously the budding dentists who went on to serve the society at large with lot of dedication and commitment. With the recognition of the graduation course in 1963 the next act was to start post graduation in GDC. The year 1965 was a landmark when the first post graduate students stepped into post graduate program under Bangalore University.
   In 1965, Dr Mario Chaves, Dental Director of WHO conceived WHO-India project 208 under which curricular changes were envisaged including teaching preventive dentistry and dental public health in India. GDC was chosen to implement this model. Dr Mohandas Bhat, a faculty in Orthodontics volunteered to study Dental Public Health. Dr Mohandas Bhat completed his MPH program from the University of Pittsburg in 1967-68 and came back to India to set up the Dept. of Preventive and Social Dentistry-first of its kind in India. In 1970, Dr Mohandas Bhat started MDS program in Preventive and Social Dentistry with Dr Shankar Aradhya M R, Dr K H Shaik Hyder Ali, Dr A J Patel and Dr N A Ravi Varma Raja as postgraduate students. The first batch graduated in the year 1972 and in the same year Dr Mohandas Bhat left to US for good to pursue higher education in Dental Public Health.
   Dr M R Shankar Aradhya, the first graduate in Dental Public Health took the reins from Dr Mohandas Bhat and put a right step forward to provide this discipline a firm foothold in India for the next two decades. With lot of grit and determination he shaped the subject and contributed enormously for the development of curriculum. During this period he trained number of students, lectured on Dental Public Health widely and also was instrumental in starting the Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry. In the early 1990s college provided a mini bus that was used for field programs. In 1983 DCI officially included Preventive & Community Dentistry in the under graduate curriculum to be taught all over the country.
   Dr S S Hiremath took over in the mid 1990s and taught and trained students with immense passion for nearly two decades. This period saw the National Oral Health Survey in India and the beginning of CDE programs and workshops for which he provided immense contribution. Besides this he authored a textbook on Preventive and Community Dentistry. Also the course duration increased from two years to three years. The first Ph.D program in the country was started in 2007 in GDC. Later as Director of GDCRI he provided all the support and guidance for the Dept. Fully equipped Mobile Dental Unit becomes part of the Department during this period.
   Dr K H Sheik Hyder Ali served as post graduate guide for a few students. Dr K L Veeresha served this Department, trained undergraduate and postgraduate students for more than a decade. Dr Yellappa, Dr Gopal Raj Urs, Dr Padma Bhat and other staff members also served this dept for some period.
Sri Renukaradhya served as driver for the mobile unit and Sri Ramakrishna Group D staff served for nearly three decades. Their support is memorable.
Till date Ninety Six students have completed postgraduate program and four students have completed their Ph.D in this dept.
   Since 2011 the Department is progressing steadily with faculties - Dr Manjunath P Puranik, Dr Yashoda R, Dr Namita Shanbhag, Dr Sowmya K R and Dr Uma S R – in the footsteps of great men with the vision to provide oral health for all and prepare students in this direction.
The Dept had a humble beginning in a small room that gradually expanded into full fledged Dept with Dental Health Museum. The Dept provides comprehensive care, tobacco cessation counselling and outreach program. The Dept emphasises on academic excellence, research and field activities.




Number of admissions for the Postgraduate program - 3 per academic year
The department educates undergraduate students, post graduate and pre-doctoral students with a curriculum that is rooted in critical thinking, evidence-based care, and clinical competence.

Dept of Public Health Dentistry is a Centre for Ph D program since 2007




1.To provide high quality education through lectures, practical, seminars, workshops and journal clubs


2.To conduct scholarly research among UG students, PG students and faculty members


3.To provide oral care services to the needy in the community outreach program


4.To serve as a resource service unit for implementing oral health policy matters 




The course is delivered as a series containing a mix of lectures, clinical chairside training, seminars, journal clubs, workshops complemented by e-learning.

1. Manage oral health programs for population health 

2. Demonstrate ethical decision-making in the practice of dental public health

3. Evaluate systems of care that impact oral health

4. Design surveillance systems to measure oral health status and its determinants

5. Communicate on oral and public health issues

6. Lead collaborations on oral and public health issues

7. Advocate for public health policy, legislation, and regulations to protect and promote the public’s oral health, and overall health

8. Critically appraise evidence to address oral health issues for individuals and populations 

9. Conduct research to address oral and public health problems

10. Integrate the social determinants of health into dental public health practice




• Preferred choice for post-graduation in Public Health Dentistry since 1970 among the postgraduate students appearing for NEET 

• Indian defense force deputed 5 dental surgeons to train and obtain MDS during 2009-2016

• Tobacco cessation counselling clinic since 2011 attracting patients 400-450 patients annually

• Extensive outreach program serving a population of close to 3000 annually

• Active participation  in (Arogya mela) mega health camps  organised by Government of Karnataka

• Ongoing school dental health programme in Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) in Bangalore District

• Undertake multidisciplinary research activities.

• Fully furnished mobile dental clinic to cater to the needs of the rural and needy population

• Rural satellite dental health centre for clinical dental services at Chandapura, Anekal Taluk

• Supporting various  public health initiatives by observing  world health day, No tobacco day to create awareness among the public.




Tobacco use is among the most preventable causes of disease and premature death worldwide. Tobacco is a legally available substance that will kill people who use it. Tobacco use, a human-made epidemic, kills about millions of people globally. The tobacco epidemic worldwide is affecting the poorer and least educated the most. Hence, health care providers play an important role in tobacco cessation and abstinence. Dental professionals play a significant role in identifying smokers and smokeless tobacco users, as they may notice intra-oral signs such as odour, tooth stains and oral hygiene problems earlier than other health care professionals; they are thus in a better position to offer preventive care.

In this view, we started Tobacco Cessation Centre (TCC) in the department of Public Health Dentistry, GDCRI Bangalore in 2011. Faculty members of public health dentistry were trained for tobacco cessation counselling by NIMHANS, Bangalore. Till date we have done one thousand and above counselling by providing Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and behavioral counselling in co-ordination with other departments. For further pharmacological management patients are referred to BMCRI and NIMHANS. Patients not only from our state, but also from outside state come to receive the TCC benefits. Tobacco quit rates are also satisfactory. Regular training of postgraduate and undergraduate students in tobacco cessation counselling is done in our department. Every patient in OPD is asked about the history of tobacco and referred to our department. Follow up is done at regular intervals. Even in the outreach programmes and other general camps, along with oral health education, tobacco cessation counselling is also done.





This PHC from the Dept of health and family welfare, Government of Karnataka is located on Hosur road at Chandapura, about 30 kms from GDCRI. The PHC is a 24/7 functioning centre staffed by health workers for services such as immunization, basic curative care services, maternal and child health services including preventive services. PHC consists of one medical doctor to lead the centre and a pharmacist, staff nurse, and other paramedical support staff.
The Dept of PHD, GDCRI has adopted this PHC as its Rural Satellite Centre in 2016 ,and has been providing promotive, preventive, and curative oral services since past few years. A dental clinic with a fully functional dental chair is established in the PHC which caters to the oral health needs of the population seeking care from in and around areas. Faculty member, post graduate students and a staff nurse are periodically posted to the satellite centre for delivering dental services including dental education. A good referral system to the GDCRI, Kidwai Institute is in place and maintained for their unmet needs of the patients visiting the PHC. Many beneficiaries referred to GDCRI under Danta Bhagya Yojana of GOK have been referred by this centre.



Mobile & portable dental services provide an innovative solution in bringing dental care to the doorsteps of the underprivileged and rural population who lack of access for even the basic dental services. Mobile dental clinics provide comprehensive dental services through outreach programs focusing on education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The target population are children from the economically disadvantaged groups, indigent people, elderly and disabled who would otherwise have no access to dentistry
Mobile Dental Services started in early 1970s when the Department of Public Health Dentistry started providing services in and around Bangalore. Mini Bus was made available in 1990. The mobile dental unit in Government Dental College & Research Institute was commissioned in 2007 and provided screening and treatment for people from various targeted population. The unit is well equipped with 2 dental chair units, dental armamentarium, stool ,light, X-ray unit ,compressor , provision for sterilization and with ample spaces for staffs and patients.
The procedures used to provide are preventive and curative procedures such as fluoride applications and sealant programs, restorations and extractions in school oral health programs and community settings. Faculty members, postgraduates , interns and auxiliary staffs take part in outreach programs.



ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES - (Carried out by UG / PG / Interns)


Final year BDS

• Theory classes 

• Case history taking, assessment of oral health with relevant indices

• Preventive clinical procedures
 111o Topical fluoride application
111o Pit and fissure sealants
 111o Preventive resin restorations
 111o Atraumatic restorative treatment

• Field visits programmes

• Short term student research projects 

• Oral health education talk 

• Presentation of oral health education material




• Comprehensive care approach (One month posting)- The new residents/ Interns involve in diagnosis, comprehensive treatment planning with emphasis on various preventive modalities for dental treatment, periodic recall of patients including  maintenance of patient records of at least 10 patients (both paediatric  and adults). 

• Survey methods, analysis and presentation of oral health assessment of school children and community independently using WHO basic oral health survey methods. 

• Participation in rural oral health education programmes and dental camps including visits to the Primary health centre in the outreach



Post Graduate students

• Attend basic sciences classes at BMCRI (1st year postgraduate students)

• Seminars and Journal club

• Clinical case history presentations and discussions including relevant indices

• Comprehensive dental care 

• Preventive clinical dental procedures 

• Tobacco cessation counselling 

• Attend satellite centre/PHC Chandapura postings 

• Outreach programmes and General camps

• Organizing and carrying out dental camps in both urban and rural areas

• Oral health education programmes 

• School oral health education programmes

• Dental - health education training of school teachers, social workers, health workers

• Field visit programmes

• Assessing oral health status of various target groups

• Pedagogy

• Problem solving exercises 

• Critical Evaluation of Scientific Articles

• Attending CDE programmes/conferences/conventions/ workshops

• Scientific paper/posters presentations and Scientific Publications  

• Research works / Library Dissertation / Term Papers / Dissertation    





Dr Manjunath P Puranik

• UG,PG and Ph.D Examiner/ University Paper Setter 

• Participated in the National Oral Health Survey and Fluoride Mapping 2002, Karnataka State during Aug-Oct 2002. 

• Participated in the Bangalore Oral Health Survey and Fluoride Mapping 2011 

• Contributor to the Report on the National Oral Health Survey and Fluoride Mapping 2002, Karnataka State

• Contributor to the Report on the Bangalore Oral Health Survey and Fluoride Mapping 2002, Karnataka State

• Contributor to the Text Book of Public Health Dentistry by Dr S S Hiremath

• Member, UG Board of Studies, RGUHS(2010-2012)

• Member, PG Board of Studies, RGUHS(2015-2017) (2018-2020)

• Member, Committee for Oral Health Policy in Karnataka(2014-)

• EC Member, Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry(2010-11)

• Editor, Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (2011-17)

• Vice President, Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry(2017-19)

• Editor, Alma Mater, News letter of GDCRI, Bangalore (2012-2017)

• Life member, Indian Dental Association

• Life member, Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry

• Organized CDE/Workshops/Conferences/Conventions

• Presented papers in National Conferences

• Published 94 papers in National and International Journals

• Reviewer in National and International Journals

• Guest speaker

• DCI Inspector



Dr Yashoda R

• Teaching experience-16 years

• PG guide ,UG , PG examiner ,paper setter for various universities

• Dental council inspector

• Guest speaker for various  scientific programmes 

• Represented  dental fraternity  in national programme for the prevention and control of fluorosis in Bangalore District

• Resource person for NPPCF to train medical officers and paramedical personnel


Published book

• Authored a story in Kannada  Book  , 32 Dhanthakathegalu


Research grants

• RGUHS Research grant for UG Research activity -"Effectiveness of different oral hygiene aids for the reduction of halitosis-A cross over randomized controlled trial"


On-going Research  Activities

• Antimicrobial effectiveness of herbal and non-herbal dentifrice on oral microorganisms in vivo

• Impact of oral mucosal lesions on oral health related quality of life among tobacco users visiting TCC centre in Bangalore city

• A Comparative evaluation of Herbal and Non Herbal mouth rinses on salivary PH levels and Salivary S mutants Count in 6-12 year old Children –A randomized Controlled trial



• Life member of both IAPHD Bangalore and Karnataka Chapter


Social work

• NSS programme officer for the college 



Dr Namita Shanbhag

Grants received

• Secured the Radboud University grant to attend a course on “New Concepts in Dental Education  and  Public  Oral  Health”  emphasizing  Problem  based  learning  and evidence based dentistry from Department of Global Oral health, College of Dental Sciences, Radboud University, Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands(02.06.2013 to 28.06.2013)


Conference Papers -

Attended FDI  World  Dental  Congress  2018  at  Buenos  Aires, Argentina(05-08.Sep.2018)  and presented two research papers published as an Abstract in International Dental Journal as follows


***• Wouter Put, Gustavo Molina, John Cutter, Namita Shanbhag, AslıTopaloğlu Ak. Road to Fact-Based *****Dental Health Policy Formulation and Service Delivery. (Abstract ) International Dental Journal *****2018; 68 (Suppl. 2): 15

***• Namita Shanbhag, Manjunath Puranik, Santhiya. Inter-Intra Rater Reliability Using “E- Charting *****EDR” In Dental Education Setting. (Abstract ) International Dental Journal 2018; 68 (Suppl. 2): 12



• Nominated as the Fellow of ISDR (Indian Society of Dental Research) - IADR (Indian Division) during the 31st ISDR Annual Conference at Navi Mumbai in  2018.

• Nominated  as  a  Women  Dental  Council  member  from  IDA Bangalore  branch  for 2018-2019

• Nominated symposium speaker from IADR -Indian Div at the 4th Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research Asia Pacific Region at Brisbane, Australia  on Population Oral Health on the title “Oral Health and Well-Being - Where is the Missing Link?   An Upstream Approach”(28.11.2019 - 30.11.2019 )


Professional affiliations

• Dental Council of India membership No 2649-A, Registered under Karnataka, State Dental Council

Life Member (LM073) of the IndianAssociation of Public Health Dentistry (IAPHD) and Karnataka Chapter of IAPHD

• Life Member Indian Dental Association (IDA) ID-91332, Bangalore Branch, Karnataka

• Life  member  of  ISDR  (Indian  Society  of  Dental  Research)-IADR  (Indian Division)-776017

• Annual member of IADR (International Society of Dental Research)


Speaker invitations

• Paneliston Sports Dentistry webinar conducted by IDA, Head office (13.12.2020)

• Keynote lecture at the World Dental Conference 2020 (Virtual), Chennai  onSAFER Dentistry with ART - Dentistry's Response to the COVID - 19 Pandemic (11.10.2020)

• Guest lecture on ART with hands on demonstration to Final MDS students at Pathfinder IV CDE program at K L E Dental College, Bangalore((23.01.2020)

• Guest lecture on ERGONOMICS in Dentistry at Government Dental College, Bangalore (11.07.2018)

• Guest Lecture during the CDE week at A B Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore on “Art behind the A.R.T” including a live patient demonstration on ART sealants and ART restorations and Hands-on workshop for the interns.( 22 03 2017)

• Guest lecture on “Cost Effectiveness of oral treatments and Financing Oral Health Care” during PILOT (Public Health Dentistry Integrated LearningOrientation and Training) 2015 Program held at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, Tamilnadu.( 27.02.2015)

• Guest Speaker on ART at Path finder II , a state level CDE program held at Dayananda sagar college of dental sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka (20.02.2015)

• Talk on “ART - Feasibility in India” at the workshop on “Oral Health Policy for Karnataka  State-Phase  I”atYenepoya  Dental  College,  Mangalore, Karnataka (17.02.2014 )


Workshop Conducted / Convened

• Co-Chairman  of  the  Souvenir  Committee  of  the  GDCRI  Diamond  Jubilee Celebrations, 2018

• Organising Secretary for a National level workshop by Prof. Dr Joe E Frencken from the Netherlands on “25 years of successful ART approach -Reflections and way ahead” at Government dental college and research institute , Bangalore (1-2.Sep.2014)

• As a Co-Chairman for the souvenir committee during the XVI national conference of the IAPHD, Bangalore

• As  a  Moderator  for  the  scientific  sessions  conducted  during  the  XVI  national conference of the IAPHD, Bangalore



Dr Sowmya K R

• PG diploma in hospital and health care management (PGDHHM) 2012

• Executive committee member of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry 2015-2017

• Editor-in-chief of Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry- 2017-till date



Dr Uma S R

• Life Member of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (IAPHD)

• Life Member of Indian Dental Association(IDA)

• Served as Executive Committee (EC) member of IAPHD for the year 2009-2011

• Member of Scientific Committee of the Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry,  Bangalore chapter

• Executive committee member for IDA Bangalore branch from 2014

• Assistant secretary for IDA Bangalore branch  2018-2020

• Central council member of IDAHO 2018-2020

• EC member IDA Bangalore branch 2020

• Member ,Women welfare Committee GDCRI Bangalore 2018

• EC member IDA Karnataka State branch 2020


Research paper presentations

  • 1. Presented poster-“Mouth is the Mirror of the Body”-in IXth National conference of IAPHD held at Chennai,2004

  • 2. Presented paper-“Bio Terrorism-Role Of Community Dentists” in Xth National conference of IAPHD held at Udaipur Rajasthan 2005

  • 3. Presented Paper-“Knowledge of emergency management of Oro facial trauma among physical education students-A Questionnare survey” in XIth National conference of IAPHD held at Shimla,Himachal Pradesh 2006

  • 4. Presented paper-“Oral Health care for inmates of central prison-An institutionalized approach” in XIIIth National conference of IAPHD held at Hyderabad,AP 2008

  • 5. Presented paper-“Comparison of caries preventive effectiveness of fissure sealant and fluoride varnish on occlusal caries” in XIVth National conference of IAPHD held at Delhi 2009

  • 6. Presented paper-“Oral health related quality of life among police personnel of Bangalore city” in XVIth National conference of IAPHD held at Bangalore 2011

  • 7. Presented paper-“Social media and dental education” in XVIIth  National conference of IAPHD held at Chennai 2012

  • 8. Presented paper-“Dentists perception on evidence based dentistry-A questionnaire survey” at FDI 2014 held at New Delhi Sept11-14th 2014

  • 9. Presented paper-“Dermatoglyphics and dental caries” at XIXth National conference of IAPHD held at Cochin 2014

  • 10. Presented paper at Self perceptions of leadership skills among medical and dental post graduates in Bangalore city IDC Bhubaneshwar 2018

  • 11. Presented paper at Pregnancy and Oral Health-First International Womens Dental conference in Mumbai 2018

  • • Received Best Poster prize in National Conference of IAPHD IN 2004

  • • Received Best Paper award at atXIXth National conference of IAPHD held at Cochin




  • • National Project on “Pit and Fissure program” from National Rural Mission, Government of India for Karnataka State since August 2017- March 2018 

  • • Project on “Oral Health Promotion through Integration of Oral Health into General Health” developed under Government of India & World Health Organisation Collaborative Program (Biennium 2009-2010) 

  • • Project on “Developing Oral Health Care Programme in Bangalore District” developed under Government of India & World Health Organisation Collaborative Program (Biennium 2010-2011) 




• “Oral Health Survey & Fluoride Mapping of Bengaluru District -2011” 




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