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Dr.Sonam Jha


(III Year)

· Oral findings and salivary lactoferrin levels in Chron’s disease- A cross-sectional study

· Accuracy of mandibular rami measurements in prediction of gender using radiomorphometric analysis of the ramus of mandible-Retrospective study

· Assessment of temporomandibular joint on open and closed orthopantomographic view in temporomandibular disorder using fractal analysis- A cross-sectional study

· Evaluation of osteointegration in dental implant using clinical parameters, digital orthopantograms and CBCT: A retrospective study

· Post prosthetic evaluation of clinical parameters, Radiovisiography and CBCT findings in dental implants





(III Year)

1. Assessment of oral findings, mandibular osseous changes and salivary flow rate in patients on oral bisphosphonate therapy-a longitudinal study

2. Identification of artefacts in CBCT images of maxillofacial region- A retrospective study





(III Year)

3. Evaluation of catalase and uric acid in saliva of patients with oral submucous fibrosis.

4. Correlation of levels of urea and creatinine in saliva and serum of smokeless tobacco users- A case control study

5. Estimating age using Demerjian and Willems method: A comparative study






(II Year)

6. Assessment of oral and salivary changes in subjects with hypothyroidism- A cross sectional study

7. Correlation of salivary and serum electrolyte levels to carotid intima-media thickness for cardiovascular risk assessment: A cross sectional hospital based study






(II Year)

8. Assessment of the effect of micronutrient therapy and mouth opening exercises on ultrasonography findings of buccinators and masseter muscle in oral submucous fibrosis

9. The effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy on salivary parameters in HIV seropositive subjects: A cross sectional study



Dr.Sheema Naik


(I Year)

10. Estimation of serum thyroid antibody, antithyroglobulin antibody, T3, T4 and thyroid stimulating hormone levels in oral lichen planus patient- A cross sectional study



Dr.Angelina Lal rohlui


(I Year)

11. Assessment of the differential expressions of salivary S100A7 in oral submucous fibrosis- A cross sectional study



Dr.Didisha Das


(I Year)

12. Evaluation of salivary levels of YKL-40 in oral lichen planus- A comparative case-control study

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