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Prosthodontics Achievements

1. A total of 50 - 60 new and old OPs are checked evry day

2. Cases

  • Complete dentures
  • Removable partial dentures
  • Fixed partial dentures
  • Maxillofacial cases
  • Feeding plates

3. Danta Bhagya

  • Number of beneficial under the danta bhagya scheme were benefited with good prosthesis
  • Two of our staff members Dr. Prema and Dr. Reshma, have received awards of appreciation from the Government of Karnataka for treating highest number of cases in the state of Karnataka
  • Patients from the outskirts of Bangalore have visited our hospital seeking treatement under danta bhagya and have been benefited by the same

4. Department Equipments

  • Clinical equipments

         The department is well equipped with from conventional to the latest equipments like LASER, microscope                   (Labonet), electro cautry machine, peizo surgical equipments, digital shade guide (VITA) and many more

  • Laboratory equipments

         VITA furnace, induction casting machine

         CAD-CAM – the department is digitally equipped with its own CAD-CAM machine, many patients have been               given zirconia crowns milled using CAD-CAM, with minimal charges as compared to charges in the private                 dental labs

 5. Denture camp

  • Our college is known for conducting denture camps every year since 2008
  • The denture camp is a 24 hr camp held in different parts of Karnataka every year benefiting a minimum of over 100 patients
  • Dentures are fabricated in one day and delivered the very next day, which is possible because of the extensive work put in by our staff members, post graduate students, students and the laboratory technicians   
  • In the academic year 2017-18 the denture camp held at Hosadurga, Karnataka over 210 patients were benefited with good quality dentures which was entered in the India Book of Records  

6. Academics

  • The college has an intake of 60 students for the undergraduate course and 3 post graduate students each academic year in the department of Prosthodontics
  • Able guidance and training is provided by the staff members
  • Several research projects have been done and papers presented by the undergraduate and post graduate students under the guidance of the department staff members
  • Anoop Nair with Saiswaroop one of the undergraduate students, has conducted a research on evaluation of effect of various abrasive tooth pastes and beverages on enamel an in vitro study, under ICMR which was successfully completed
  • Anoop Nair is also the PhD guide and also the member of Faculty of Dentistry, he has also been awarded best paper in IPS National conference Pondicherry
  • Nagaranjani Prakash has been awarded best paper at the IPS National conference at Indore
  • The Post Graduate students of the Department have attended many conferences and convention   

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